How To Help Your Kids Learn To Care for New Puppies

How To Help Your Kids Learn To Care for New Puppies

It’s exciting to welcome a new pet into the family. Young kids may not quite understand how to help or how they should act around a new furry friend. Therefore, it’s essential to take the time to talk with children about their actions and behaviors. The following are several things to review with your kiddos when caring for a new pup.

1. Talk about the Dos and Don’t of Holding

Gentle hands are a must, but your little ones may not understand. This experience is likely their first with little puppies, and they may see it more as a toy than a fragile animal. Therefore, once you pick up your german shepherd puppies imported from Germany, establish some ground rules for when and how long your children may hold the dogs.

Stop and model the proper way to pick up and hold your pups during your discussions. Be clear about how the grip and duration of snuggles. In addition, have children cuddle with your animals only when you are present so that you can monitor the dogs’ comfort and your kids’ choices.

2. Discuss Proper Eating Practices

The food is right there, and it’s so tempting to drop scraps from the table. However, not all animals (especially young ones) can handle human food. Talk about why it is a bad idea to share food with puppies and how stomaches are different. Use specific examples that the children can understand. For instance, dogs cannot eat avocado. It can make them very sick to their stomach. Talk about a time when your little ones ate something that bothered them.

In addition, help your loved ones learn to fill up the dog bowl and water bowl with the appropriate amount and at the correct times.

3. Help Them Walk the Pup

Puppies need exercise, but walking them can prove challenging for kiddos. Demonstrate how to hold the leash and go with your kids when they take the puppy outside. Act as an extra set of eyes to ensure both children and pups remain safe.

4. Explain the Importance of Play

Your puppies like to play, just like your kids. Show your children which toys they may use with the pups and discuss how playtime helps the dogs socialize and develop.

Enjoy the fun, snuggles and licks that come with your new puppies. There is likely a lot of love to cherish. However, also work with your kids on behaving around these little animals, teaching them how to care for them correctly.

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